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Lab Manager
  Name Current Position Location
  Ernie Gemeinhart Lab Manager and Safety Officer University of Central Florida, NanoScience Technology Center and Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center (AMPAC)
Postdoctoral Fellows
  Name Current Position Location
  Milind Gandhi, Ph.D. Chief Medical Officer Y-Carbon, Inc.
  Thomas Hauk, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow University of Stuttgart
Ph.D. Traineees
  Name Current Position Location
  Jovita Tauro, Ph.D. Team Leader Syngene
  Chunqiang Guo, Ph.D. Scientist Abbott Laboratories
  Vandana Keskar, Ph.D. Scientist GE Global Research
  Deepali Vartak, Ph.D. Senior Scientist Fresenius Kabi
  Melanie Köllmer, Ph.D. Research Scientist Almiral Hermal GmbH
  Yu Zhang, Ph.D. Research Scientist Fresenius Kabi USA
  Mary Ye Tang, Ph.D. Research Scientist Pharmaceutical Product Development
Pharm.D./Ph.D. Trainee
  Name Current Position Location
  Jamie E. Rayahin, Pharm.D./Ph.D. Regulatory Affairs Associate Pfizer
M.D./Ph.D. Trainees
  Name Current Position Location
  Jason S. Buhrman, M.D./Ph.D. Internal Medicine Resident University of Rochester
M.S. Trainees
  Name Current Position Location
  Amy Ross Laboratory Technician Massachussetts General Hospital
  Kristin (Schwarz) Thomas Pharm.D. Student Midwestern University,Downers Grove, IL
  Mohammad Rahman Ph.D. Student and Technician University of Illinois at Chicago, Bioengineering, Chicago, IL
  Esha Desai Scientist Baxter Healthcare
  Xiaoliang Yan Research Associate Novartis
  Somali Chaterji Postdoctoral Associate University of Texas at Austin
  Catherine E. (Clark) Kang Associate Regulatory Affairs Hospira
  Christopher Bare Senior Research Engineer Arthrex, Inc., Naples, FL
  Aneta Samaranska Staff Engineer Medtronic, Memphis, TN

May 2013 Group

Left to Right: Jamie Rayahin, Jason Buhrman, Yu Zhang, Melanie Köllmer, Mary Tang, Rick Gemeinhart
April 2011 Group Picture

Left to Right: Jamie Rayahin, Yu Zhang, Jason Buhrman, Mary Tang, David Vaynshteyn (Rotation), Amy Ross, Misuk Bae, Thomas Hauk, Sara Nowacki, Melanie Köllmer, Aditi Jhaveri (Rotation), Rick Gemeinhart
Missing: Grace Cao,My Nguyen
August 2009 Group Picture

Left to Right: Misuk Bae, Melanie Köllmer, Ernie Gemeinhart, Rick Gemeinhart, Emina Duzo (Rotation), Mark Desjardins (Rotation), Milind Gandhi, and Kristin (Schwarz) Thomas
Missing: Melody Lee, Mohammad Rahman
December 2008 Group Picture

Front Row Left to Right: Misuk Bae, Vandana Keskar, Kristin (Schwarz) Thomas, and Melanie Köllmer
Back Row Left to Right: Rick Gemeinhart, Mohammad Rahman, Milind Gandhi, Deepali Vartak, and Ernie Gemeinhart
Missing: Yang Yang (Rotation), Grace Yu, Sushma Kola, and Karthik Vantakala
November 2007 Group Picture

Back Row Left to Right: Ja Hye Myung, Melanie Köllmer, Ernie Gemeinhart, and Rick Gemeinhart
Front Row Left to Right: Deepali Vartak, Misuk Bae, Esha Desai, Kristin Schwarz, and Vandana Keskar
Missing: Arpita Kadakia, Mohammad Rahman, Jesse Rickelman, and the Undergraduates

August 2006 Group Picture

From Left to Right: Vandana Keskar, Deepali Vartak, Ernest Gemeinhart, Chunqiang Guo, Misuk Bae, and Richard A. Gemeinhart.
Missing: Xiaoliang Yan and all undergraduate students.
August 2005 Group Picture
From Left to Right: (Front Row) Misuk Bae (Rotation Student) Jovita Tauro, Deepali Vartak, Vandana Keskar, and Somali Chaterji.
(Back Row) Ernest Gemeinhart, Richard A. Gemeinhart, and Xiaoliang Yan.
Missing: Chunqiang Guo and all undergraduates.
Spring 2004 Group Picture
From Left to Right: Chunqiang Guo, Deepali Vartak, Aneta Samaranska, Ernest Gemeinhart, Jovita Tauro, Catherine Kang, Richard A. Gemeinhart, and Xiaoliang Yan.
Missing: Topher Bare, Samir Shah, Tyler Ayalin, and Billy Michael.
Summer 2003 Group Picture
Clockwise from Back Left: Chunqiang Guo, Topher Bare, Ernie Gemeinhart, Aneta Samaranska, Deepali Vartak, and Jovita Tauro.
Missing: Richard Gemeinhart, Xiaoliang Yan, Catherine Clark, Samir Shah, and Kalpesh Patel.
Fall 2002 Group Picture
Clockwise from Back Left: Ernest J. Gemeinhart, Richard A. Gemeinhart, Ph.D., Chunqiang Guo, Eunjung Jeon (BPS Rotation Student), Jovita Tauro, Camellia Zamiri (Dr. Groves' Student), Xiaoliang Yan
Missing: Topher Bare, Catherine Clark, Aneta Samaranska, Samir Shah

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