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  • No shorts, open toed shoes, short skirts are allowed. Generally, no skin should be exposed on your legs when working in the labs. Surgical scrubs can be purchased and kept in the lab.
  • Lab coats should be worn at all times in lab.
  • Goggles are encouraged for general lab work. For chemical synthesis or chemical work, they are mandatory.
  • Never wear lab coats in hall unless you are going to another lab.
  • Samples and solvents should be carried in secondary containment.
  • Gloves should never be worn in the halls.
  • Broken glass should be placed in “Broken Glass/Sharps” boxes.
  • Keep everything neat. I’m a neat freak, but this will make everything easier for everyone.
  • All experiments left overnight need to have a sign with the exact experiment and contact information for the person running the experiment. (Dialysis of Albumin in PBS; John Doe; 555-5555 office; 555-5556 home;
  • All chemicals purchased must have the initials of the purchasing and the date received. Adding the date opened would be useful and should be done. “General Use” does not work in the lab, so this is not acceptable.
  • All liquids must be placed in secondary containment.
  • All repacked chemicals (i.e. buffers, diluted solvents...) must have right-to-know labeling, if appropriate, and full chemical name on container.
  • Samples should be logged in a lab notebook if abbreviations or shorthand are used.
  • All MSDSs should be placed in file cabinet in lab.
  • Don’t use it if you haven’t been trained (or at least shown how to use it)!
  • If it breaks report it immediately. Email, note, phone call, something, but it needs to be fixed. You won’t be blamed unless you were using it and weren’t trained!!!!
  • Shut off equipment when complete, when appropriate.
  • Make sure it is clean and working.
  • Log in the notebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • No pipets in garbage.
  • No glass in garbage.
  • No syringes in garbage.
  • No razors in garbage.
  • If you will need equipment at a specific time on a specific day, place a note on it asking others to leave it available. If you see the note, treat it as if you were asking for the time!! Try to give everyone respect!
  • Sign in on sheet if available when you need equipment.
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