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Welcome to the Biomedical Polymer Science Laboratory. We are interested in understanding the interactions of materials and the cells. Our current proejcts focus on using polymers to control the local release of therapeutic molecules and the influence of polymers on cellular phenotype, particularly macrophage polarization.

This website is constantly under construction and will be changing constantly (or at least I'd like it to...). Please return often for updates and news. Please contact Dr. Gemeinhart ( to report any broken or misdirected links.

Richard A. Gemeinhart, Ph.D.
Professor of Pharmaceutics and Bioengineering (2017-)
Diector of Graduate Studies (2017-), &
UIC Research Integrity Officer (2014-),
Depts. of Biopharmaceutical Sciences,
Bioengineering, and
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
College of Pharmacy
The University of Illinois
357 College of Pharmacy Building
833 South Wood Street (MC 865)
Chicago, IL 60612-7231
(312) 996-2253 Office
(312) 996-9765 Laboratory
(312) 996-0098 Fax

Current News!
  • Tim Langridge passed his preliminary exam and is now a PhD Candidate.
  • Prof. Gemeinhart was promoted to Professor.
  • Catherine Dial joined the group as a PhD student.
  • Jason Buhrman, M.D., Ph.D. was awarded both his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees as the College of Medicine Commencement.
  • Jamie Rayahin, Pharm.D., Ph.D. was awarded both her Pharm.D. and Ph.D. degrees at the College of Pharmacy Commencement.
  • Jamie's review, "Activation of Macrophages in Response to Biomaterials", was accepted for publication for a chapter as part of Macrophages - Origin, functions and biointervention part of the series Results and problems in cell differentiation.
  • The patent for our hydrogel-protein delivery system was awarded: US9,457,101B2.
  • Karol Sokolowski (Pharm.D./Ph.D.), Catherine Dial, and Joseph Olewinski joined the group as Ph.D. rotation students, beginning Fall 2016.
  • Tim Langridge joined the group as a BPS Ph.D. student beginning summer 2016.
  • Cutler Lewandowski (MD/PhD student) has joined the lab for a summer 2016 rotation.
  • Tara Smith (DePaul University) has joined the lab as a summer undergraduate researcher.
  • Nilanjana Sadhu has joined the lab for a Spring 2016 rotation.
  • The paper entitled "Extended release of an anti-heparan sulfate peptide from a contact lens suppresses corneal Herpes Simplex Virus-1 (HSV-1) infection" was accepted for publication in Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, co-first authored by Jason S. Buhrman and Dinesh Jaishankar, a Ph.D. student in the lab of Deepak Shukla of Ophthalmology and Visual Science.
  • Dr. Gemeinhart and Dr. Karen Colley (Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics) receive a University of Illinois Cancer Center Pilot Project Grant.
  • Timothy Langridge and Ashutosh Tripathi join the lab for Fall 2015 rotations.
  • Mary Tang successfully defended her Ph.D. Dissertation and joins Pharmaceutical Product Development.
  • Yu Zhang successfully defended her Ph.D. Dissertation and joins Fresenius Kabi USA.
  • The paper entitled "High and Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid Differentially Influence Macrophage Activation" authored by Jamie Rayahin, Jason S. Buhrman, Yu Zhang and collaborator Tim Koh (Kinesiology and Nutrition) was accepted for publication in the new American Chemical Society journal, ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering.
  • The paper entitled "Charged Group Surface Accessibility Determines Micelleplexes Formation and Cellular Interaction" authored by Yu Zhang, Yang Liu (Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy), and our collaborators Sumyo Sen and Petr Král (Chemistry) was accepted for publication in Nanoscale.
  • Jason S. Buhrman successfully defended his Ph.D. Dissertation, now he returns to M.D. training for 2 years.
  • Prof. Gemeinhart was appointed UIC Research Integrity Officer.
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