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Gemeinhart Lab Group News

JCR Graphic Abstract

Angeliki and Karol First Authored Paper Published

Get access online! ABSTRACT: Acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections (ABSSSIs) confer a substantial burden on the healthcare system. Local antibiotic delivery systems can provide controlled drug release directly to the site…

Manuscript first page

Catherine's First Authored Paper Published

ABSTRACT: Block copolymer micelles have demonstrated great promise in the solubilization of hydrophobic drugs, but understanding of the blood stability of the drug-laden micelles is needed for therapeutic advancement of micelle technologies. Following…

Sonia Alavi

Sonia Alavi Joins Gemeinhart Group

Sonia going the group after after doing rotations. Welcome to the research group! Sonia received her PharmD from Shahid Beheshti University Of Medical Sciences in Iran in 2017.

First Page of Paper

Karol Publishes First Authored Paper

ABSTRACT: Purpose Skin and soft tissue infections are increasingly prevalent and often complicated by potentially fatal therapeutic hurdles, such as poor drug perfusion and antibiotic resistance. Delivery vehicles capable of versatile loading may…

Sonia Alavi

Angeliki Andrianopoulou Joins Gemeinhart Group

Angeliki going the group after after doing rotations. Welcome to the research group! Angeliki received her BS in pharmacy from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece in 2017 and her MS…